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Help Stop Satanism

The Stop Satanism Network (SSN)seeks to help end the Satanic indoctrination of our youth and the culture by exposing their ideas, people, and laws, eliminating harmful curriculum from our schools and media seeking justice for the abused and indoctrinated.

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Great to see you here! How you can get involved…

We are a network of concerned parents, business professionals, lawyers, media, government officials, and good people who seek to help put a Stop to Satanism in our schools and children’s media.

Make A Donation

We use donations to create and operate our educational programs and informational websites to help educate the public and media about Satanism. Also to help promote children’s mental wellbeing and safety who have been affected by Satanic doctrines. Please consider funding this project at whatever level is right for you.

Become A Volunteer

Together, we can stop the Satanic indoctrination and abuse of children around the world. Our success will rely on a global network of people and volunteers to provide parents, the media and government institutions with innovative research, education, services and resources to help them put into action within their communities. 

Share Our Media

Sharing our articles, podcasts, and videos on your social media and in your community is one of the best methods to help spread awareness about Satanism to other people. Please help protect the children by sharing all of our media as often as possible

In a few words...

The Stop Satanism Network (SSN) is a not-for-profit whose mission is exposing and stopping harmful Satanic teachings and propaganda from entering our schools, court systems, and media institutions directly related to its mission of stopping child indoctrination and abuse globally.

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